truebiz is a next generation business platform for MSME. It helps business owners to focus on to manage and expand thir business by enabling all the technology needs packaged in a single platform. They don't need to worry about the technology management or investment.

truebiz has a wide feature to address all your need

  • Customer Facing Website Hosting
  • Leads Management and Conversion Tracking
  • Office Executive Management
  • Product, Catalog and Brochure Management
  • Project Execution Tracking
  • Roles Based Access System
  • Call Recording and Managing
  • Business Brochure

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digiPro is an unque product to ease the bulk document scanning process. It ensure the quality and productivity is managed and recorded for reference. It has the capability to deliver high volume digitization assignment with perfection and ease.

Key feature of digiPro

  • Digitization for A0 - A4 size
  • Keep Track of Team Productivity
  • Auto Quality Check of the Produce
  • Centralised Document Management System
  • Integration to existing ERP
  • Roles Based Access System
  • Daily Transaction Report